Yes you read that right!

The adorable baby Taimur Ali Khan keeps pushing his gorgeous mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan away from him. While Kareena cannot have enough of her cute little son and keeps calling him the most gorgeous baby on this side of the equator, seems like Taimur is not that much fond of his mommy. In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor Khan made this big revelation about her son Taimur. If her interviews are religiously followed one would realize that Kareena is very fond of her son and keeps praising her son in every meet.

Well, this time she has made a rather shocking revelation. She states that baby Taimur Keeps pushing her away all the time. She said, “Taimur is always chilled out. He is so gorgeous. The only thing he doesn’t like about me is that I kiss him about 20,000 times a day. And he keeps pushing me off. Saif says why are you doing this. But I always feel like hugging him.”

Taimur has turned 7 months old recently and has already become an internet sensation. On her son Taimur being the centre of attention at every event, mommy Kareena said, “He gets clicked wherever he goes, even when I’m not with him and all those popping flashbulbs make him blink.”

She believes that Taimur is the most adorable baby in town and would go any length to protect her son from the flashing cameras. About her little munchkin Taimur’s looks Kareena said, “I think he is a perfect mix of Saif and me, more so like me, of a Kapoor, I think so. I think he looks exactly like my dad because I think I look like my dad. He is more like my dad.”

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