Kolkata also known as the city of joy is all set to launch its first underwater tunnel in the coming days which will pass through a tunnel below the several feet’s of the Hooghly river. The first path of underwater tunnel is completed and second one is soon to be ready.

This will be the world’s finest invention of all time in which a tunnel has been constructed underneath a flowing river in the country. The tunnel is being delved 30 metres below the riverbed & is a few metres away from the renowned Howrah Bridge.

According to India Today, the managing director of Kolkata metro rail corporation ltd, satish kumar said,

It will be connecting two main terminals: Howrah & sealdah – each of which has a footfall of about 10-12 lakh passengers per day. These types of tunnel-boring machines, which we call ‘earth pressure balancing tunnel boring machines’, have been used for the first time in eastern India.


According to a report the track will be 16.6 km long and the train will run without a driver which will carry 6 air conditioned coaches which will have the capacity of app.1000 passengers. The total estimated cost for the project is said to be 60 crores and will be completed till December 2019.

The director further added-

For tunneling below the river, the water tightness, waterproofing, and the design of gaskets were the major challenges, because the tunnel is being constructed for a service of 120 years, so we cannot afford any water leakage during service.

The train is going to be run at a speed of 80 km per hourthrough the tunnel, the passengers between Howrah & Mahakaran metro stations will be under the river for only about a minute.

So let’s wait and get ready to experience this thrill of travelling at a speed of 350 km per hour.

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